Our Candidates

The Steuben County Democrats are still recruiting candidates for many local offices for 2018. If you are interested in running, please contact us at steubendems@gmail.com.

Here’s who’s running now!

Courtney Tritch

U.S House of Representatives, 3rd District 

Her bio: Ms. Tritch served as the vice president of marketing for the Northeast Indiana Regional partnership for six years and worked with Fort Wayne’s Downtown Improvement District. The Steuben County Democrats voted unanimously to endorse Ms. Tritch at their meeting in July 2017.

Her platform: Ms. Tritch wants to maintain protections for preexisting conditions in the Affordable Care Act, invest in workforce education rather than tax breaks for the rich, and preserve public school funding, among many other issues. 

How to support her: Donate to her campaign. Vote for her in the 2018 primary on May 8!

Joe Donnelly

U.S. Senate

His bio: Mr. Donnelly was a U.S. Representative from Indiana’s 2nd District from 2006-2011. In 2012, he was elected to the Senate. A graduate of Notre Dame, Mr. Donnelly helped run a small business in Mishawaka and practiced law, before beginning his long career in public service. He now serves Hoosiers on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Banking Committee, Agriculture Committee, and Aging Committee.

His platform: Mr. Donnelly is passionate about workforce development and training, college affordability, and eliminating reliance on foreign energy sources. He spearheaded efforts to prevent suicides among veterans and has helped Hoosier farmers and conservationists work together to make sure our valuable natural resources are used wisely and preserved for future generations. Read more about his stances on the issues here. 

How to support him: Donate to his campaign. Vote for him in 2018!